Community Investment Policy

One of the core values of TVE Industrial Services is to contribute to the communities where we live and work.

Our Community Investment – Funding Program: Focuses on health, education, youth and Canada’s veterans

Our Community Investment – Building Futures Program: Focuses on a commitment to invest in communities

TVE’s system of community investment provides a model for leadership as we contribute a powerful socioeconomic impact on the communities where we operate. We recognize each individual project requires its own processes, procedures and best practices. Therefore, this template for success is achieved through individual attention and innovation, with a focus on partnerships as we mobilize within the communities where we have a business presence.

Our Community Investment Policy has two key focus areas:

1. Office Community
A basic foundation of our community investment is TVE’s dedication to the involvement and recruitment of youth as well as untrained mature individuals, into the Trades’ professions. This begins at our Head Office Warehouse with work experience, worker training and the possible recommendations to specific Trades Unions. Our goal: the eventual placement of qualified workers onto job sites. The people who work for TVE “are” our community. As such, we foster a strong spirit of employee volunteerism. We are pleased our employees have a diverse and vibrant interest in the communities where we work and play.

2. Job Site Community
When mobilizing to a jobsite, our Project Management Team performs a critical review to assess the resources available within, or in close proximity to a community. Our Purchasing Manager is committed under this policy, to work with community vendors to provide required materials and consumables, while remaining focused on providing the best value for our client.

Donations are made through our employee participation/recommendation in hand with Owner approval. Solicitations from external sources, where little or no community benefit or gain is foreseen, are rarely accepted.