Aboriginal Diversity & Achievement Policy

TVE Industrial Services is committed to a culture that encourages working together to enhance individual and community Aboriginal capacity with a focus on creating opportunities to access trades education for Aboriginal youth and untrained individuals.

Recognizing that many of our job sites are located within Aboriginal traditional territories, TVE is dedicated to:

Promoting Aboriginal Diversity: Focuses on Local Community and Long-term Employee Human Resources

Promoting Aboriginal Achievement – Building Futures: Focuses on a commitment to Trades Training and Community Business Initiatives

TVE shares a common interest with our clients and communities in improving and strengthening the presence of qualified Aboriginal Trades Workers on our job sites. We support regional economic relationships through the procurement of materials or even subcontractors, with our current and future Aboriginal vendors.

Our Promoting Aboriginal Diversity and Achievement Policy focuses on two key areas:

1. Aboriginal Trades Diversity

TVE Industrial Services Ltd. will continue to build upon our contribution to increasing Aboriginal diversity in our workforce.

2. Aboriginal Business Success

When mobilizing to a job site, our Project Management Team performs a critical review to assess the resources available within or in close proximity to a community. Our Purchasing Manager is committed under this policy to work with Aboriginal community vendors and/or subcontractors to provide required materials, consumables or services, while remaining focused on providing the best value to our client.