TVE Industrial Services Ltd. has been involved in all types of Steel Erection

  • Structural & Transfer Towers
  • Conveyors
  • Building Suspension
  • Field Fabricating
  • Heavy Rigging
  • Equipment Transport
  • Building Erection

TVE is well known as a Structural Steel Erector. We understand the critical components of a successful job from skills such as signaling load movements, the understanding of load characteristics of cables, positioning of attachments, as well as lifting and installation techniques. We are very capable of handling pre-fabricated concrete frameworks complete with the positioning of slabs and panels, including temporary and permanent fastening methods. Our superintendents are all experts at scaffolding and cable installations and our crane operators are top of their field.

Our company has the demonstrated expertise for the Erection of Steel Framework including establishing bench marks, positioning & raising of columns, leveling beams, the assembly process and measuring techniques. We understand bolting, clamping and plumbing methods.

We maintain a supply of construction tools and equipment at our Head Office Warehouse which is available for dispatch to our Structural Jobsites. We have a sound relationship with major crane rental suppliers that allow us access to specialized equipment.

TVE Industrial Services Superintendents are accustomed to working in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines. Our Ironworkers have the experience to assemble and install pre-engineered metal buildings and steel components. We can move material to the top of structures and maneuver heavy, calculated loads in place with correctly selected and attached slings. We build frames and supports for heavy equipment as well as bolt and clad on building envelopes. TVE also builds industrial conveyor systems. Our superintendents are observant and detailed oriented resulting in quality workmanship.

TVE Industrial Services approaches each Steel Erecting contract will a goal of a successful project as well as ensuring cost effectiveness and meeting project completion schedules. With CWB and ABSA weld certificates, we specialize in complete structural steel erections including roof trusses, drilling, punching, saw cutting, cambering and painting.

Contact us at 1-(250)-377-3533 or email if you have any questions about our Steel Erecting.