Safety Policy

TVE Industrial Services is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all company employees, sub-contractors, and mill personnel required to do work for our company.  Safety is our main concern when it comes to keeping our workers healthy and our job sites safe.  It is an integral part of being competitive in the industry we are working in.

It is our company objective to ensure that our employees work under the safest of conditions in the construction industry; this is something you are entitled to.  Accident prevention is a field responsibility that begins with top management.  Every reasonable effort will be made to keep our jobsites safe, provide you with safe equipment and the right tools for the job.  We will also supply you with the guidance of good supervision and policies on the jobsite.

Management will endorse and support the Company Health and Safety Program and ensure that all employees are informed of what is expected of them regarding Health and Safety.  Supervisors are responsible and accountable for implementing company policies and procedures in the work place.  Supervisors shall ensure that workers are in compliance with applicable rules, regulations and procedures.

Workers, as a condition of their employment, shall understand the rules and regulations set forth for them and conduct themselves in a manner of professionalism on the jobsite, and not to engage in any activity that could endanger or harm the well-being of themselves, others, or any property.

All workers, contractors and subcontractors must protect the health and safety of themselves and others by working in compliance with all applicable legislation, regulations and established safe work practices and procedures.

Safety is our company’s number one concern, and our Health and Safety Program is dedicated to promoting safety awareness through employee education and training as we are committed to work in a spirit of consultation and cooperation with our employees.

In order to have a safe working environment we require that every employee participate in our accident prevention and our Injury Management Return to Work Program to complete our projects safely, economically and efficiently.

With a healthy outlook on safety, TVE Industrial Services looks forward to keeping an exceptionally safe work standard and to keep everyone informed and aware in the years to come. 

We will continue to be a safety leader, now and in the future!