Quality Assurance & Control

TVE Industrial Services Ltd. maintains an in-house Quality Assurance and Control Program with Quality Control Manuals that are in conformance with the provinces in which we perform work. It is the policy of TVE Industrial Services Ltd. to support Quality Control to the fullest and ensure that all the work performed is in accordance with the applicable codes including ABSA, the British Columbia Safety Standards Act and Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Refrigeration Safety Regulation.

The Quality Program is used by all personnel engaged in work that is within the scope of the Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Refrigeration Safety Regulation.

Our full-time quality assurance/quality control manager oversees our registered welding procedures and all aspects related to ensuring quality control. TVE Industrial Services is an ‘A’ License Contractor, holds an ‘MA’ License for our fabrication, and is CWB and ABSA certified.

Every project turnover includes a well-documented, thorough QA/QC package which includes: statement of authority; glossary; company organization; scope of work; drawings and specifications; material control; inspection and acceptance documentation; welding controls; non-destructive examinations; heat treatments; hydrostatic testing; record retention; and non-conformance reports.


The QCM is in contact with the Owner(s) prior to work commencing in order to define the contract requirements, review the scope of work, ensure the construction drawings have been approved and to define and or assign responsibilities. These responsibilities include:

  • Technical Safety BC construction permits, and notification of work start
  • N.D.E. and Heat Treatment requirements and contractors
  • Pressure test requirements
  • Registered Welding Procedures are available to perform the scope of work