Pulp & Paper Mills Kamyr Digesters (Maintenance & Modifications) Batch Digesters (Maintenance & Modifications) M&D Digester (Continuous Weld Overlay) Power Generation Plans Power & Recovery Boilers Tank Construction & Repairs Stacks & Breeching Heat Exchangers Scrubbers Unlimited Heavy Rigging Hydro Electric Turbines Power Plant Upgrades Pressure Vessel (Maintenance & Repairs) Evaporator Systems & Precipitators Previous […]


Assemble Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimers Assemble Tripper Car Conveyors Ore Storage Buildings Transfer Towers Material Handling Conveyor with Drives Rail Load-out Building with Wieght Bins Stainless Steel Surge Bins


Exchangers, Fin Fans, Reactors, Heaters Vessels, Pressure Release Valves Cooling Towers Vacuum .Vapor Horns & Unit Piping LP Separator Coalesces LPG Piping FCCU Nozzles & Piping BFW HD Coolers & Piping Fuel Loading Racks Tank Farms Electrical Structural Upgrades Structural Electrical Bridge Fire Water Upgrades Utility & Instrument Air Systems Steam & Condensate Piping Pig […]


Our owners and superintendents work with clients to ensure consistent cost and schedules for major shutdowns, emergency shutdowns, and annual regulatory maintenance turnarounds. We provide infrastructure development, and site and plant construction. TVE Industrial Services personnel are trained and knowledgeable of specifications and work procedures. Work conforms with specified quality requirements while ensuring optimum efficiency […]


TVE Industrial Services has experience working in operating plants and on multi-phase projects that include construction and decommissioning existing assets. Through our efficient work scheduling and materials handling systems, we manage and limit outages. TVE provides project management to accomplish upgrading and overcome on-going maintenance challenges. We offer compliance solutions to get your operation up […]


We have an industry-leading crew of insulators, sheet metal workers, and masons. Their work on the following projects has been a source of team pride. INSULATION Energy conservation Fire stopping Sound proofing Asbestos removal Ship work Industrial piping Cryogenics Tanks & vessels Boilers CLADDING/SHEET METAL Insulated panels Duct work Boilers Pre-engineered buildings Flashings Full building […]


TVE has extensive expertise in installation, repair, and maintenance on a variety of pressure vessels, including: Kamyr digesters (maintenance & modifications) Batch digesters (maintenance & modifications) M&D digester (continuous weld overlay) Power generation plans Tank construction & repairs Stacks & breeching Heat exchangers Scrubbers Unlimited heavy rigging Hydro electric turbines Power plant upgrades Pressure vessel […]


TVE Industrial Services Ltd. has been involved in all types of Steel Erection Structural & Transfer Towers Conveyors Building Suspension Field Fabricating Heavy Rigging Equipment Transport Building Erection TVE is well known as a¬†Structural Steel Erector. We understand the critical components of a successful job from skills such as signaling load movements, the understanding of […]


With more than 50 years of experience, our piping team can handle any size of project in the piping and mining sectors. We can also access piping design services to provide a complete service package to clients. Steam turbines (installation & maintenance) Complete pressure piping systems Carbon steel (including alloys, chrome, moly, etc) Stainless steel […]


For scheduled outages or emergencies, our boilermaker team members have over 100 years of experience each in building, repairing, testing, and maintaining boilers, tanks and pressure vessels. We provide on-site services for installation, repairs, alteration, and preventative maintenance. Contacting TVE Industrial Services for regular on-site boiler maintenance, is a cost-effective way to improve your boiler […]